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Pea Protein with TMG

92% Vegan Protein

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Pea Protein with TMG

92% Vegan Protein and TMG

TMG, also known as trimethylglycine or Betaine, which plays very important role in the control of homocysteine and supporting muscle strength. Blended with Belgium Pea Protein which went through an Ultra-filtration separating the oligosaccharides from the protein, resulting in reduction of flatulence (gases) and improved mineral bio-availability.

TMG Promotes better blood circulation, reduce muscle, legs cramps & back pain, energy, alertness, mental, calmness, ability to concentrate.

Pea Protein are the buildings blocks of your muscles -TMG accelerate the repair of your muscle. TMG has been extensively used as a performance enhancer by Russian and East German athletes and now become popular among American athletes.

TMG is a food, not an additive, it helps to reduce the body fat content, regulate the amount of food necessary to produce the best health and TMG accelerate the good mood.


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Pea Protein with TMG

92% GMO-free Vegetable Protein with TMG